Bankruptcy Myths Debunked – Part 4

This is the fourth part in a series of bankruptcy myths debunked. We have already debunked the myths that everyone will know you declared bankruptcy, your credit will be ruined forever, and that you’ll lose everything you own. The final myth we will debunk is that declaring bankruptcy is an honest and accurate reflection of your moral character. Declaring bankruptcy is not a moral failing. In no way should filing bankruptcy be construed to identify you as an unscrupulous deadbeat trying to skip-out on your bills by using the law to “legally steal” from others. Declaring bankruptcy simply means you have encountered financial hardships beyond your control that have put you in a situation in which you need the help and protection as provided by law.

You did not get in this situation on purpose

A deadbeat is someone who borrows or accepts money with no intention of repaying their financial obligations. A deadbeat shamelessly takes advantage of the system and of the people around him or her and a deadbeat has no ill feelings for the damage he or she causes by doing this.

You didn’t do this. You had every intention of paying your bills and faithfully meeting your financial obligations, but something happened that was out of your control. Maybe you or a loved one got sick. Maybe you lost a job. There are a whole host of events that could have put you in need of declaring bankruptcy, none of which have anything to do with your integrity or moral character.

Bankruptcy is for people like you

One of the reasons the option of bankruptcy exists is to help people in your situation. Our society recognizes that people get into financial trouble for many reasons, most of which are not their fault. It provides them with a means to seek protection and start over to re-establish their finances.

Getting help

A Minnesota bankruptcy attorney can show you how bankruptcy can provide you the financial relief and protection you need. At Behm Law Group, LTD, we specialize in helping people in your situation. Our bankruptcy attorneys will treat you with dignity and respect.