Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Allows for Rebuilding in Owatonna, MN

It’s a common perception that bankruptcy is “rock bottom” for an individual’s finances. But the reality is much more nuanced than that. For some, choosing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is more akin to a fresh start. In many ways, the period that comes after filing for bankruptcy is even more significant than the days leading up to it. At Behm Law Group, our bankruptcy lawyers can help you come out of bankruptcy looking towards a brighter future without financial stress.  With our support, a fresh start in Owatonna, MN could be your new reality.

How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Allows for a Fresh Start

In the context of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a fresh start means that you have an opportunity to rewrite your financial identity. This might be in the form of small efforts to rebuild your credit and change your spending habits to better suit your income, or it could entail large life changes like liquidating land or releasing a failing business to get a handle on your debts. However you’ve chosen to mediate your debts, chapter 7 bankruptcy is an opportunity to change the trajectory of your financial future without old weight lingering on your shoulders.

Bankruptcy Attorneys are Experts with the Paperwork

 To successfully file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you need to provide your lawyer with documentation that verifies your debts and substantiates your ownership of your various assets.  In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are exemption laws that allow you to retain assets necessary to reorganize your life and financial circumstances.  While the exemption allowances are very generous, they have limits.  Sometimes, non-exempt property that exceeds the limits of the applicable bankruptcy exemptions must be turned over to the chapter 7 trustee administering the case.  The trustee sells the non-exempt assets and distributes the sale proceeds among one’s creditors.  While the bankruptcy process can be nuanced and scary, the good news is that you don’t have to navigate the process on your own.  Behm Law Group’s bankruptcy lawyers can walk you through it, explain how it works step by step, and help ensure that you leave it in a better financial position than when you entered it.

Chapter 7 Helps with Life After Bankruptcy

Once our bankruptcy lawyers have provided the legal support you need, we can also help you stay on track as you move forward into a debt-free and less stressful future. This includes providing you with direction concerning the best way to repair and improve your credit.  This also includes tips on how to determine good/constructive credit solicitations from potentially exploitative and destructive ones.  Our bankruptcy lawyers are very experienced in the practical approaches to credit recovery and they can share vital resources for ongoing financial support that would otherwise be difficult to navigate.

If you’re in a difficult financial position and are considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy or if you’re in need of legal assistance for a bankruptcy filing, the Behm Law Group can help. Contact our bankruptcy lawyers today at (507) 387-7200 or visit our website to find out more about the services we offer to Owatonna, MN residents.