Why a Bankruptcy Lawyer is Worth the Cost

Bankruptcy is a court administered legal process that almost always requires the support of a bankruptcy lawyer to be done correctly. Like most other legal processes, you can represent yourself in a case, but bankruptcy is a complex and nuanced procedure, and having the support of a bankruptcy lawyer will vastly improve your chances at filing and completing a successful case. In the United States, 8-10% of individuals filed a bankruptcy case without the help of a lawyer, and only around 2% of those cases were successfully completed. Compared to the 60% success rate of attorney represented cases, it’s undeniable that the guidance and support of a bankruptcy lawyer is crucial despite the modest costs involved. At Behm Law Group, Ltd. we can give you the protection and legal advice of an expert, skilled bankruptcy lawyer in Mankato, MN.

Specialize in Chapter 7,12, and 13

Our firm specializes exclusively in Chapter 7, 12, and 13 bankruptcy matters. We work primarily with both individual filers and businesses. As bankruptcy attorneys, we understand the financial difficulties clients are facing, but our guidance and protection is well worth the modest costs. Our assistance can actually save you time, stress and further legal costs.

What We Do

Behm bankruptcy lawyers help you build your bankruptcy case every step of the way, from determining what chapter to file to preparing paperwork and finalizing case details, to providing protection even after your case is closed if aggressive creditors continue to pursue you. This includes:

  1. Taking into account your current income-to-debt ratio and payments you may be delinquent with, such as mortgage payments or vehicle loan payments, to determine if Chapter 7 liquidation or Chapter 13 reorganization will be effective for you.
  2. Case preparation such as helping you with the Means Test, valuing your property so you can correctly disclose your assets to the bankruptcy court, guiding you with what exemptions to choose in order to protect your property, and helping you with budgeting and the planning of your finances after your case is closed.
  3. Working with the bankruptcy trustee and the bankruptcy court during the processing of your case, including completing all your paperwork and providing correct documents to the bankruptcy trustee, helping you prepare for your bankruptcy hearing, protecting you from creditors that may ignore the injunctive mandates of the automatic stay, negotiations with creditors you want to continue working with on reaffirmation agreements, and helping you create and propose an acceptable and effective Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan .
  4. Supporting you even after your case is closed with protection from creditor harassment and helping you make chapter 13 repayment plan adjustments when your financial circumstances change.

Even if your debts and financial circumstances appear to be simple, a bankruptcy lawyer will still play an essential role in helping you file a successful case, avoid the possible dismissal of your case, and protect you from aggressive creditors. To learn more about how a bankruptcy lawyer in Mankato, MN is worth the fees involved, contact Behm Law Group, Ltd. at (507) 387-7200 or stephen@mankatobankruptcy.com