How is Bankruptcy Like a Hockey Game?

Behm Law Group discusses bankruptcy with an analogy every Minnesotan will understand.

When fierce competition strikes in a hockey game, the puck goes wild. It’s slammed, bounced, struck, whipped, and even coddled by players striving to obtain that coveted goal. As a hockey fan myself, I stay riveted to my seat, especially when the home team scores!

Sometimes you  feel like that hockey puck when life’s circumstances catapult you in directions you never anticipated. Only this time, it isn’t a game. Bankruptcy never is. I would never treat it as such either.

You see, when you consult with me or Isabelle, you become part of our home team at Behm Law Group, Ltd. We specialize in bankruptcy. That doesn’t mean we don’t know how you feel or understand what you are experiencing. We’ve had many bankruptcy clients in Mankato, MN over the years. We’ve heard similar stories throughout.

Behm Law Group, Ltd. will treat your experience as the unique story that it is, and stand by you throughout the entire process. Your circumstances are unique to you. Mankato, this means, as bankruptcy attorneys, we owe you a professional, courteous solution that works for you.

Bankruptcy law can be complex, especially for the uninitiated. At Behm Law Group, Ltd., we can break it down for you, so you can understand your options without the complicated legal jargon. We aim to work with you, not to alienate you.

It’s no fun feeling like creditors are brutally and continuously bashing you against the boards or slapping you about like a helpless hockey puck. Although you may find yourself in unfavorable circumstances even with bankruptcy, you have rights. Give Behm Law Group, Ltd., the chance to explain what those rights are.

As bankruptcy attorneys, we have witnessed other Mankato clients overcome bankruptcy. They have treated bankruptcy as the temporary setback that it is. Once overcoming this setback, they have gained a fresh start in life. So can you.

The game of life certainly doesn’t feel like much of a game, unless things are going well. Let’s keep the hockey puck on the ice rink where it belongs. Consult Behm Law Group, Ltd. Together we can put bankruptcy in its place.